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The consumer credit or cash is a short or medium-term loan granted by a bank to an individual in order to finance a personal project or need cash (automotive, equipment, leisure, study, discovered …).
Realize projects of any kind is an important act. A cash credit must not unbalance the budget, not make life more difficult every day.

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Quick Loans simulation credits Refina real redemption credits FOR WHOM?

Quick Loans quick cash loans consumption credits have already contracted several revolving loans nearby various agencies, particularly high rate, and you want to group them into a single loan at a lower rate.
Quick Loans credits consumptionlooking for a way to finance a new personal project, but you realize that this will be difficult because your current debt is already high for your budget.
Quick Loans credits are an individual, a household employee, craftsman, trader, professional, entrepreneur or SME, and you are not experiencing financial difficulties, but you dread having to give up your equipment project, lack of financing tailored to your situation and your needs. Quick Loans cash credits consumption OUR SOLUTION CREDIT CONSOLIDATION

Our aggregate loan options allow borrowers to reduce their overall monthly payment and thus obtain a better profile borrower to the lending institutions.

Consolidating your existing loans into a single loan with a single monthly payment decreased, can integrate financing your project or repayment of your loans or overdrafts in progress, without exceeding a reasonable debt ratio, or adding a second loan for your proposed purchase.

The principle of this funding is based on increasing your quick cash loans options, that is to say, improving your customer profile to the lending institution that will calculate and take the risk.
Our aggregate loan formula is therefore to develop a replacement credit, which will integrate and promote the financing of your project. The choice of formula will be dictated only by your financial interest. Quick Loans cash credits consumption OUR OPERATION

Refina reviews all applications and gives a chance to all projects, whether to improve a borrower profile or find adequate financing.
Setting up financial solution requires a thorough study of your file in order to fully take into account all the parameters of this new loan regardless of its purpose (buying a car, debt repayment, household equipment ..).
Our search for a personal credit and the most advantageous terms is free and without obligation.

Quick Loans redemption credits credits Refina simulation BENEFITS
Quick Loans credits consumption your project is serene, you will not your budget by cheating on your debt ratio.
Quick Loans consumption credits have not given your proposed purchase, you have not lowered your claims and that no change of debit and without tiresome steps.
Quick Loans credits consumption purchase does not prevent you from continuing to enjoy life, you have a certain purchasing power and you do not balance your budget.
Quick Loans credits tresorerieLa single monthly consumption that includes all your other credits simplifies the management of your finances.
A credit commitment and you be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before you commit. No payment of any kind whatsoever may be demanded of an individual before obtaining one or more payday cash loans.
Refina offers financial advisors, credit redemption specialists and able to offer the best credit repurchase, redemption loan, renegotiation of loan, consolidation loans and debt reduction. Under the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, you have a right to access and correct personal information concerning you.